We are looking to reinvigorate progressive politics right here in Richland County and we need your help.  The RC Dems has a long history of waging battle for democratic politics and has worked diligently to get candidates elected: locally, statewide and nationally.  We did important work before in previous elections and we are still doing it.  

Generally, in the past, after an election, we would ease off until the next election cycle but this time in history has called us to resist and regain our edge. We have created a new website with frequent news stories and blog articles. Our site,  is your source for communication from the state and national Democratic party as well as other progressive-leaning groups. We all just want to see a blue wave in November and want to work together and not in isolation.

We are excited to see how the Democratic party is reinventing itself to be relevant for today’s society.  The website has many links for everything you might need from the county board to city council, state ethics committee to podcasts, voting guidelines to the Resistance manual.  We are expanding our reach with new social media accounts and engaging Democrats with an online community.  We see many opportunities before us to actively engage the voters of our community.  As the next generation goes from a TV news based society to an online news based society, we want to be there to reach them.  This progression from television to online/on-demand entertainment will affect campaign advertising and marketing greatly.  

We are gearing up for the next election.  We see room for growth and engagement and a need for voter education.  We are wanting to activate young voters, listen to the people of this community and draw attention to the next race.  It is vitally important to regain the ground lost in this state.  The uncertain times have awakened many and we want to be there to inform and give them an opportunity to grow & learn.  We are actively looking for volunteers to come along and help us as we embark on our voter engagement drive this summer and fall.  Please refer to the website tab “contact” to volunteer and sign up.  We are excited to share our passion for politics with you!

Your support helps us to continue to be visible in this community.  Our location on 900 North Main street in Richland Center has essentially been a billboard in this community for almost 10 years.  We have a need to keep this building as an integral part of our organization, as it is visible and familiar for most Richland County citizens.  Providing for the needs of our office is important.  

We are currently conceptualizing our voter engagement drive and are seeking the resources we need to make the drive happen successfully.  Quality educational materials and recognizable marketing & branding items that convey our hopeful message are necessary.  We intend to target the youth of our community on the college campus and young families working hard in our local businesses and farms.  Many new changes were made to the city council and there is a renewed spirit to tackle some of the big problems locally.  That all begins with an engaged and educated society.  Local is also a great place for the young adults to try out their skills in politics and we hope to train and activate them for the next generation. The National Democratic party and the Democratic party of Wisconsin has amazing resources to help us in this endeavor.  That’s the power of organized activism.  

We thank you for your consideration.  We have made giving easy for you!  We have partnered with ActBlue, the leader in progressive fundraising, to allow you to give easily online, safely & securely.  Go to our website, and click on the “donate” tab.  You can select to do a recurring donation in a  weekly or monthly rotation or do a one-time donation.  If you like you can send a check to our treasurer as well.  If the timing is not right for your finances now, bookmark our site and follow our blog to prompt you when you are able.  Small donations were powerful in this last election and that power is growing.  Let’s make this a “movement moment” and collectively come together to make the long-term changes we want to see in our government.  This all begins here, right in the heart and center of the Driftless Area.  Thank you!




Your Richland County Democrats


If you wish to donate, please write a check to Richland County Democrats and mail to:

Wes Starkey 

390 E Kinder St Richland Center, WI 53581


RC Dems 900 North Main St Richland Center, WI 53581


Authorized by the Richland County Democrats, Wes Starkey, Treasurer