It is very challenging to figure out which Richland County Board of Supervisor District one lives in.  Hopefully, this page can help you figure out your District without having to look at all 21 maps listed on the Richland County website.  Unfortunately, there is no way to just enter your address and get notified of your district. We start with some simple questions to narrow your search down.  It is very helpful to know which Township you live in but if you don’t, you can start your search by knowing which geographical location of Richland County you live in. If you do know your township, village or city ward-you can skip down lower in this page for the quick list.

First question to ask: Which quadrant area do I live in?  Take a look at the map divided into quadrants belowTaking the county and dividing it into 4 geographical quadrants can help start the process. There is the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast.  If you live in or very near the border of the City of Richland Center-you are in the 5th main area.

If you live in the Northwest corner- you likely live in the following Townships.  Forrest, Bloom, Sylvan, Marshall, Rockbridge and the Village of Viola.  Start your search in District maps-1, 2, 5, 7

If you live in the Northeast corner-you likely live in the following Townships. Henrietta, Rockbridge, Westford, Willow, Richland, the Village of Cazenovia and the Village of Yuba. Start your search in District maps-3, 4, 6.

If you live in the Southwest corner-you likely live in the following Townships. Akan, Richwood, Dayton, Eagle and the Village of Boaz. Start your search in District maps-7, 8, 17.

If you live in the Southeast corner-you likely live in the following Townships. Ithaca, Richland, Richwood, Orion, Buena Vista and the Village of Lone Rock. Start your search in District maps-16, 18, 19, 20, 21.

If you live in the 5th main area of the county-the City of Richland Center-you can begin your search in District maps-9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

If you already know your Township-including Township Ward, Village or City Ward, your search can be narrowed down even further. Some of the townships are broken up into wards.  Once you know which township, including township ward, village or city ward you live in-you can easily look on the District maps to confirm you live in that particular district. Here is a quick list in alphabetical order.

Here is a visual representation of the Townships. Blue is the quadrant view. Red is the Districts labeled-except for City of Richland Center.  Number placement is an approximation and you will not link to other pages by clicking on them. Please clarify with the District maps to determine your exact district. Below, the township is listed in colors: RED is for the 49th State Assembly District (currently Travis Tranel (R), BLUE is for the 50th State Assembly District (currently Edward Brooks (R)and GREEN is for the 51st State Assembly District (currently Todd Novak (R) .  The whole county is in State Senate 17th District (currently Howard Marklein (R).TownshipLabeled

  • Akan-District 7
  • Bloom-District 2
  • Buena Vista-Ward 1-District 20, Ward 2-District 19, Ward 3-District 18
  • Dayton– District  8
  • Eagle-District 17
  • Forrest-District 1
  • Henrietta-District 3
  • Ithaca-District 16
  • Marshall-Ward 1-District 5, Ward 2-District 2
  • Orion-District 18
  • Richland-Ward 1-District 16, Ward 2-District 6,
    • Ward 3-District 9, Ward 4-District 18
  • Richwood-Ward 1-District 7, Ward 2-District 17
  • Rockbridge-Ward 1-District 5, Ward 2-District 6
  • Sylvan-Ward 1-District 2, Ward 2-District 7
  • Westford-District 4
  • Willow-District 6
  •        Village of Viola-only Ward 2-District 1
  •        Village of Yuba-District 3
  •        Village of Cazenovia-only Ward 1-District 4
  •        Village of Boaz-District 8
  •        Village of Lone Rock-District 21
  •        City of Richland Center
    • West portion of town, including Richland Township Ward 3-District 9
    • South portion of town, including City of RC Wards 1 & 2-District 10
    • City of RC Wards 3 & 4-District 11
    • City of RC Wards 5 & 6-District 12
    • City of RC Wards 7 & 8-District 13
    • City of RC Wards 9 & 10-District 14
    • City of RC Wards 11 & 12-District 15


District 10District11District12District13District14Distict15