Look for new #wealthcare television advertising

We received a press release last night from The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) in regards to their new TV ad.  Take a moment to watch.  Especially, if you have cut the cord to cable/satellite TV and only watch internet TV.  We hardly ever see local TV ads in our house.

For Immediate Release
March 22, 2017
Contact: Lauren Passalacqua, David Bergstein – 202-545-3567

NEW AD: GOP Wealthcare Will Cost 45-Year-Old Wisconsinites $1,745 More A Year

#FightWealthcare Campaign Launches with New TV Ad, Website Detailing Price Wisconsinites Will Pay Under Republican Plan

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) today is launching a new television and digital advertising campaign — #FightWealthcare — to build on the grassroots movement against the Republican plan that would force Americans across the country to pay more for their health care and leave a staggering 24 million without insurance – all to give taxpayer funded handouts to insurance companies and the richest few.

The campaign features the DSCC’s first television advertisement of the 2018 cycle, “The Price,” a spot highlighting the stark and crippling burden the Republican plan would put on middle-class families in Wisconsin who would be forced to pay more as insurance costs skyrocket while insurance companies get a tax break. The ad is part of a targeted TV and digital buy to reach key voters across the country.

Watch the ad by clicking here.  Go to video in middle of screen.

Alongside the new ad, the DSCC is unveiling a new website, www.FightWealthCare.com, a digital hub for voters to learn and share the facts about the Republican Wealthcare proposal – including Wisconsin-specific information on how the Republican Plan will increase costs for families, utilizing estimates of premium increases for both 60- and 45-year olds.

“The Wealthcare Plan would do three things: put big insurance companies ahead of Americans’ health care, cause seniors and working people to pay more for less care, and make it tougher for middle-class families to do something as basic as seeing their doctor,” said DSCC Chairman and U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen. “Their proposal is a clear and telling demonstration of how Republicans are once again pushing an agenda to benefit the rich and powerful, not working Americans.   We are proud to stand with voters who are speaking out and fighting back against Wealthcare, and we will make sure that every single Republican Senate candidate running in Wisconsin is held accountable for their party’s toxic anti-healthcare agenda.”

Newspapers throughout the state have written about the disastrous effects of the Wealthcare bill:
Wisconsin State Journal: Report: Wisconsin’s older adults would pay thousands more under Republican health plan
AP: For many older Americans, costs rise under GOP health plan
Journal Sentinel: Rural Wisconsin takes hit in GOP health plan after backing Donald Trump
Journal Sentinel: Republican plan: Lower premiums for some, but less coverage

Earlier this month, the DSCC released a memo detailing the campaign implications for the Republican’s health care proposal and highlighting how every Republican Senate candidate will be weighed down by their Party’s reckless plan.


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